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How a New High-Performance Website Led to 300% More Search Volume
208% Increase increase in page views
300% Increase in organic search volume
314% Increase in users
Increased Revenue
43% Reduction in page download time
Reduced admin costs

Summary: After hiring Under2 to build a new high-performance website, Printed Editions saw a major increase in site users, pageviews, and organic search traffic as well as a significant reduction in page download time.

The Problem

Poor Visibility Leads to Plummeting Sales

Printed Editions is an online art gallery with more than 26,000 pieces of art available for purchase from participating galleries. They came to Under2 because their search engine visibility was plummeting and user numbers were down.

The entire business relies on art galleries paying a fee to exhibit their works on Printed Editions’ website. But, as a result of the website’s poor performance, art buyers weren’t readily finding the site and galleries weren’t selling as many pieces of art.

Clients were beginning to question the value of their partnerships. And to make things more complicated, technical debt and messy legacy codebase made it costly, time consuming, and complicated to manage, fix or improve their website — and ultimately drive more business.

Printed Editions also struggled with:

  • Slow page load times and an overall sluggish site
  • Technical SEO issues
  • A clunky mobile experience
  • Dated visual design

“Without a doubt, I would recommend Under2. They delivered an exceptional site that’s easy for users to find and navigate.“

Michael Lieberman, Director, Printed Editions

The Solution

A Much Faster Website Optimised for Search

Printed Editions signed on for our full suite of services — from initial strategic consultancy through to site development and ongoing optimisation.

The initial strategic consultancy includes a discovery phase, which identifies website performance, SEO, code, and overall infrastructure problems.

Coming out of the discovery phase, we knew we needed to complete the following:

  • Rebuild the site from the ground up with version-controlled source code and automated deployments
  • Focus on technical improvements, semantic structure, metadata, and page speed
  • Implement visual design and UX updates and enhancements
  • Create an automated payments system for galleries

However, the engagement didn’t end when the website was built. We continued technical SEO and performance optimisation for Printed Editions’ website for two years. This post-launch phase also included proactive maintenance and feature improvements.

printed editions logo Damien Hurst printEthylamine by Damien Hirst @Lougher Contemporary — Available at Printed Editions

Lichtenstein printLiberté by Roy Lichtenstein @Composition Gallery — Available at Printed Editions

Anish Kapoor printMoiré 1 by Anish Kapoor @Composition Gallery — Available at Printed Editions

Bill Thompson print

Crest by Bill Thompson @Center Street Studio — Available at Printed Editions

“The team was responsive to my requests and turned things around quickly. Their professional processes were robust, which made for a streamlined, organized project.“

Michael Lieberman, Director, Printed Editions

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