How to Build a High-Performance FinTech Website: The UX and Visual Design Phase

An ebook by Darrell Wilkins on 28 May 2022


Summary: UX design is a crucial phase of your overall website build. It's when you ideate solutions to problems you exposed during your research. It involves wireframing, prototyping, testing, and more. You shouldn't even think about visual design until you've completed this step.

Creating a high-performance website that delivers on your business goals and satisfies your users’ needs is a complex undertaking. The activities you do (and the order in which you do them) to get to the final site have a massive impact on success — or lack thereof.

To get your FinTech’s website right, you must start with discovery and planning, aka UX research. Uncover the exact problem(s) you need to solve. And figure out what the user experience should be.

After that comes UX and visual desig...

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